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The launch of the latest Mercedes A-Class

Making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the latest version of the Mercedes A-Class dazzled and impressed the public showcasing the redefined luxury and advanced technology. It seems that Mercedes has spent a lot of time perfecting the A-Class model with the car manufacturer always being one to pay attention to detail. The Mercedes A-Class is available to order now with first deliveries scheduled in May this year. So, if you are a Mercedes Motorhead or a car enthusiast in general, this blog will tell you all you need to know about the latest improvements to the Mercedes A-Class.

The A-Class had been designed to revival competitive vehicles such as the Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf and BMW 1 Series; with what Mercedes are calling their ‘new interpretation’ of the already established model. The car shows subtle changes from the previous version, but Mercedes has improved the compact class by introducing previously unseen levels of premium features as well as the latest technology.


Technology and Safety

If you can’t see obvious differences in the exterior of the A-Class, you are sure to see noticeable differences inside; with numerous advanced features that have transformed the model by incorporating intelligent drive technology.

The latest Mercedes A-Class is all about personalisation, the digital screens can be set up to display the preferred combination of the information the driver wishes to see. The system will also track repeated behaviour. For example, if you were to phone the same person around the same time each day, it will then add this as a suggestion and repeat each day at the same time. It will also do this with destinations and offer the best route taking into consideration live traffic updates.

Drivers can use the Mercedes A-Class technology system through voice control, touch screen, touch pads and on the steering wheel. One of the most interesting features is the ‘augmented reality’ navigation; this superimposes your navigation information on top of a live video image that has been taken by the front camera. We know what you might be thinking, not completely necessary, but definitely a nice touch.

One of the new features that has been included is Active Distanced Assist DISTRONIC. This is a highly developed system that makes driving this car even easier and more pleasurable. The system works by automatically calculating the distance between the front of your car to the vehicle in front. Depending if you have opted for the Active Parking Assist equipment, the DISTRONIC can make your driving experience even more convenient. With this technology, your vehicle will automatically pull away if the vehicle in front was not previously at a standstill for more than 30 seconds.

A Route-Based Speed Adjustment also improves the drive, for example, if you are approaching a road bend, this system will reduce the vehicle speed, anticipating the change in the road for you. It would also work the same for T-junctions, roundabouts and toll stations; you can adjust the speed to suit which situation you are experiencing. Once your car has gained an appropriate distance from the vehicle in front, the A-Class will automatically accelerate to the speed you have set. Not only this, but the system also has innovative features such as decelerating on the motorway when approaching your chosen exit.

Active Brake Assist is another advanced feature incorporated into the Mercedes A-Class. This attentive system not only assists your driving but can actually help prevent accidents caused by poor awareness or allowing too little distance. It will provide you with visual and sound warnings if it suspects an impending collision. If you are then breaking too gently, the system will apply brake force that corresponds with the situation. If you have not reacted to the Active Braking Assist technology, it will do this on your behalf. This can help prevent accidents or at least reduce the severity of the incident.

Another helpful safety feature is the Blind Spot Assist that can help you during lane changes and detect objects in the car’s blind spot. Another advanced feature that can help prevent potential accidents from occurring. If the car has been stationary for a period of time, it will even detect pedestrians and bicycles that are within the danger zone and give visual and audible warnings.

A PRE-SAFE system also gives additional safety features to the A-Class, such as altering the front seat belts, closing windows and panoramic windows and front seats moving position in hazardous situations, all with the aim to reduce the risk of injury.

The camera and navigation data installed to ensure you are always aware of the accurate speed of the vehicle and limits in the current area. It also gives additional traffic sign information such as speed during wet conditions. This system in the A-Class can also detect speed limits and adopt them for the vehicle at the touch of a button. You will also have visual and audible warnings of any entry restrictions, for example on motorways, it will then ask if you wish to change the direction of your travel.


Performance and Engine

In time there will be a full range of engines, but for now, the launch new A-Class is introduced in three different engines. All have turbocharged units and one with the availability of a four-cylinder, 1.4 litre petrol engine producing 161bhp, known as the A 200. When pairing the semi-automatic transmission with the dual-clutch, it has cylinder shut-off technology; this helps give claimed fuel economy of 53.3mpg and 120g/km CO2 emissions. There is an even more powerful version available in the shape of a 222bhp 2.0 litre turbo engine. The current diesel option is the A 180d which is a turbocharged 1.5 litre unit that develops 114 bhp and has a claimed fuel economy of 68.9mps and emits CO2 levels of 108g/km.

A four-wheel drive version will be available, along with three different choices of suspension. The option of a 15mm lower-set up is also offered to give the design a sportier handling and appearance. A damping control system will also use information from the transmission, steering, engine and brakes to adjust the suspension accordingly. So if the car is accelerating or braking, the damping system will stiffen to reduce pitching or body roll, improving the performance of the vehicle.

The Dynamic Select feature allows you to drive the car as you want to. With this programme, you can alter the settings of the engine, transmission, chassis and steering to suit your driving style. The sports mode will make your driving experience more dynamic, whereas the ECO option will focus on maximum efficiency, saving your fuel and money. With additional intelligent lighting features, the A-Class is primed and ready to perform exactly how you want it to.

To add to the performance and convenience of the car, the Active Parking Assist package has a 360° camera that helps you when looking for a parking space as well as entering and leaving it. The assistance offers visual and audible warnings when detecting obstacles and provides manoeuvring help in and out of the spaces. Not only does the Mercedes A-Class provide optimum performance for when you are driving, but also for when you are parking.

The latest release of the Mercedes A-Class merges the style and sleek appearance that we all know and expect from the A-Class, but has incorporated highly intelligent technology that has advanced the performance and usability of the car. Something tells us that this will continue to be a popular choice, thanks to the focus on making the driving experience personal to each individual driver. Will these modern improvements to the A-Class generate even more popularity? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!

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Posted on 12th April 2018 at 4:41 PM

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