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Reasons to Lease Your First Car

Car leasing has become an increasingly popular option recently and with good reason. Leasing a car has many benefits, particularly for newly qualified drivers. The lower upfront, monthly and maintenance costs are major advantages, however, the quality and the safety of the cars available on lease might well be even more significant. Find out more about the advantages of leasing a car here.

Low Upfront Costs
One of the great benefits of car leasing is that the process doesn't always require a deposit or down payment and if it does, it is usually a small amount. This makes the option of leasing a car more appealing for new drivers, especially as many are young adults who can’t always afford to buy a new car as soon as they have passed their test.

Lower Monthly Payments
When leasing a car, the ownership of the vehicle does not pass to you during the period of the lease, meaning that overall monthly payments are significantly lower than the conventional purchase of a car. The fixed monthly payment will be agreed from the beginning of the contract term with the majority of leasing periods being for between around 2-4 years; other time frames can be negotiated and arranged depending on your preferences. Once again, having lower monthly payments can benefit new drivers significantly and leave you with more disposable income.

Maintenance Benefits
Another huge benefit of leasing a car as opposed to buying outright is that there is also a maintenance option that will spread these costs over the contract period. For example, if the leased car is due for a service, these costs can be covered - another reassurance for new drivers.

Better Cars
One of the biggest appeals of leasing is the opportunity to drive a car that you otherwise may not be able to afford. For younger drivers this is potentially their chance to drive a brand new car, something that may not be feasible when opting for purchasing a vehicle.

New Cars on a Regular Basis
In addition to driving better cars, leasing means that you are able to exchange the car you are driving for a brand new vehicle when the current contract has come to an end. This means as a new driver, you are able to drive a brand new car on a regular basis rather than committing to one car for the foreseeable future. Not only this, but the safety benefits linked to driving brand new cars means that you are going to be driving vehicles with the latest safety and tech features, giving peace of mind to both new drivers and their family.

First time drivers have a lot of things to think about and remember on the road, the quality and safety of their first car shouldn’t be one of them. Leasing a car ensures safety, quality and affordable costs, making it a great option when it comes to your first car. If you are looking to lease your first car contact us, we will be happy to help!

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Posted on 22nd January 2018 at 4:35 PM

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