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Winter Car Leasing Options

At this time of year, the roads are icy, the days are darker and not all cars are suitable for winter conditions. City cars in particular, are not designed with harsh weather conditions in mind, as they tend to have basic 2 wheel drive, making them the riskiest to drive in winter conditions. The cars we recommend for the winter months are designed to survive hazardous conditions, mostly avoiding skidding and getting stuck in snowy conditions.Check our list below and find our top winter car leasing options:

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai has lifted its game considerably with its latest Tucson, as it is a refined and stylish SUV. The cabin has been upgraded with the addition of soft-touch materials as opposed to the hard plastics of the original, which gives the new Tucson a neat, uncluttered and tactile feel to it. Its push-to-open fuel filler and collapsible rear seats show the Korean company puts straightforward simplicity above all else.The Hyundai Tucson sports:

-entry-level S trim
-16in alloy wheels
-auto headlights and wipers
-electric wing mirrors
-hill start assist
-stability assistance

The all-wheel drive system in the new Hyundai massively improves stability on motorways in wet or icy conditions, making it a great model to be driven in winter.

Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai has a sophisticated design with a robust and sturdy frame, perfect for winter conditions. As a more affordable 4x4 to lease, this car still comes kitted with all the technology to make the drive as comfortable and straight-forward as possible. The Nissan Quashqai features:

-4 cylinders
-front wheel drive
-turbo direct fuel injection
-6 gear transmission
-cruise control

Although the Qashqai may not be renowned for the quickest of acceleration, its dynamic 4x4 design means you can drive confidently whatever the weather. Another great feature of the Nissan Qashqai is its spacious interior, great for both comfort and/or cargo. This is a great leasing option for those looking for cars with plenty of interior room, a smart looking exterior and safe driving.

Audi Q7

The spacious design of the Audi Q7 has proven extremely popular amongst SUV lovers and is especially useful in the winter months. The Q7 has been known for its practicality and ruggedness since its release, but surprisingly it still performs well regardless of its size. Because of this, it is a great car to drive in the cold and icy conditions; not only keeping you comfortable on your journeys, but safe too.The Q7 features:

-four wheel drive
-6 cylinders
-8 gear speed
-0-60mph in 6.5 seconds
-traction and hill descent control

The vehicle has been designed to focus on both functionality and style; the muscular exterior and powerful engine makes sure of this. People want to be reassured and feel confident that the vehicle they are driving will keep them safe, even in winter weather conditions. The four-wheel drive system offers impressive traction, making it a great car to lease and drive in all weather and road conditions.

Audi TT

Perhaps not one of the most obvious choices, however, the Audi TT is not just one of the most popular sports cars, but also a great option for the winter weather. The Audi TT is available in a four wheel drive system, meaning it can handle most slippery road surfaces and other winter terrains. For a sports car, the Audi TT is more spacious than you would first believe, the seats are adjustable and very comfortable and has plenty of head and legroom, making the drive both enjoyable and comfortable.The Audi TT is not only safe and comfortable, it also features:

-cruise control
-rear parking sensors
-progressive steering
-available in four wheel drive
-brake assist

The Audi TT is not just a pretty face, but a practical lease option for the colder conditions. Winter weather seems to be becoming increasingly more unpredictable. Because of this, it might be worth leasing a car that is more suitable for the winter months, for all-round peace of mind. The cars above are more than suitable for the potentially hazardous conditions on winter roads. If you're thinking about leasing a car which will be safe in all conditions, consider our top winter leasing options above and check out our site for the full list of cars and a number of great cheap personal car leasing deals.

Contact us for more information about the best cars to lease this winter and your car leasing options, we would be happy to help.

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Posted on 2nd January 2018 at 3:51 PM

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