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5 Most Trending Cars To Lease This Summer

We know there’s a big choice on the market and it’s difficult to narrow the list to make your final decision. You may want to go for something cheap and cheerful with low deposit and low monthly payments no matter what it is. Or you may want something practical for your family or a new prestige car to fit your lifestyle and professional image.

As a leading broker of personal car leasing deals we have identified some of the most popular deals amongst couples, families and individuals all with its own set of reasons why you should choose take it for a test drive and consider on a contract hire basis.

1. Citroen C1

The number one on our list has to be one of the coolest looking and cheapest to own and run motors on the road for younger drivers and even affordable by students starting at around £70 per month with a deposit of approx. £500.

The Citroen C1 is compact and fun to drive allowing you to squeeze into small parking bays on the road if you’re looking for free after hours’ road parking. A small but fuel efficient engine, low road tax and insurance makes this the ideal first car for anyone.

2. Volkswagen Scirocco

The second on our list is a rather sportier type of hatchback which in fact is classed as a coupe. The curvy back still grabs a lot of attention and its still a rival for its long lived brother the Volkswagen Golf which has seen the craze throughout the motoring generations.

This car is more for the matured young drivers and it’s still affordable averaging at around £180 per month with a deposit of approx. £1000.

The Volkswagen Scirocco looks the same since it was re-released but to give it the benefit of the doubt it did look pretty impressive when it hit the showrooms standing out from its competing class. It uses the same engine ranges and chassis as the Golf so pretty much the same car with a makeover and very eye catchy in the striking new viper green body paint.

3. Mercedes-Benz A Class

Holding on to the hatchback we have to give a mention to the Mercedes new hatchback that’s taken the polls by storm. Every hatchback lover considers it as it’s a unique cross between prestige and the common shape of a car. Mercedes’s introduction to this market audience has been to some extent a great success and the price has been surprisingly kept reasonable considering having the badge of high reputation.

This hatchback can be picked up for around £200 per month with a deposit of approx. £1800.

Although the Mercedes-Benz A Class doesn’t have all the luxury you would want from a marque of this statue but you wouldn’t necessarily expect a great deal more from something at the entry class. Having said that the interior and comfort in the drive is very nice and after all its carrying wearing the badge on the steering wheel and bonnet.

4. Mercedes-Benz C Class

While we are talking about Mercedes we can’t help but boast about the new Saloon which hasn’t taken us by surprise. It’s arguably one of the best saloons on the road and a top-seller for all age groups. For a saloon from Mercedes it can be taken out of the showroom at unbelievably affordable prices.

You can drive away in one of these prestige motors from £200 per month with a deposit of around £2000.

The Mercedes-Benz C Class Saloon has taken the look from the S Class which give this model a great honour and a classier look and feel. Its drive being the most comfortable with the new Airmatic feature and the interior converted into a more simplistic and clutter free zone stealing a few of those metallic flick up buttons again from the S Class.

5. Audi A4

The isn’t complete without the car of the year which was honourably taken by majority vote by the new revolutionary Audi A4 Saloon. The latest digital dashboard and the minimalistic interior design and with the engineered advancement that make this car an awesome package is arguably the best saloon on the road.

The car of the year with a prestige badge namely Audi can be yours on contract hire for as little as £170 per month with an amazingly low deposit of £1700 and that’s less than some of the hatchback on the list.

The Audi A4 is truly inspiring and this time Audi owed it to the A4 model taking a huge proportion of interest away from the A5 which has dominated the sales pie chart for the past half a decade. Its in-car entertainment package has stepped up to the fast moving mobile phone use technology maintain safety whilst driving and also efficient use of the dashboard keeping the eye level above the steering focussing straight ahead instead of the centre console. The auto park features are better than ever and the list of cool gadgets available in this car is never ending.

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Posted on 15th July 2016 at 4:07 PM

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