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5 Environmentally friendly low CO2 cars

The increased awareness of greenhouses gases over the last decade has pushed car manufacturers to produce a variation of the vehicles that output less than 100g/km of CO2 emissions. Improved technology and the use of hybrid motors has made it possible to reduce it even under 50g/km which is a good approach to making our environment less toxic and hence contributing less to the green-house effect.

Driving low CO2 cars have a great benefit to the driver other than the environment whether it’s used for personal or business purposes.

Advantages of Low CO2 cars:

  • Reduced Benefit in Kind (BIK) to business users
  • Lower road taxes
  • Lower insurance premium
  • Better fuel economy with hybrid options

TFS have compiled a shortlist of the 5 most popular low CO2 lease cars available on both business or personal contract hire and leasing. Starting from the currently cheapest on the market hatchbacks to prestige saloons and a 4x4.

Citroen C1 PureTech 1.2 Hatchback

This car is becoming increasingly trendy and most affordable car on 4 wheels. The Citroen C1 is fun to drive and easy to park car making it perfect for the first time driver or someone who needs an easy and low cost run around for commuting and local runs. You can afford this particular model from around £50 per month and it just about makes it under the 100g/km threshold giving you a realistic 65mpg squeezes itself into our top 5 list.

Ford Fiesta 1.0 Eco Boost

The revolutionary engine in this Ford Fiesta is a big improvement from its predecessor and sets a benchmark for its like range of cars which are trying to play catch-up. The 1.0 EcoBoost engine gives out a shocking 100 BHP with a decent torque from such a small engine and surprisingly makes it under the 100g/km band. You can afford this nippy little compact hatchback from around £100 p/m on personal contract hire on a 24-month deal.

Mercedes Benz C Class 300 Hybrid 2.1 litre

Stepping up the game to another class we have our favourite Mercedes-Benz C Class which we like to call it the “baby S” because it looks like a compact version of the S Class, until it releases the new model of course!

What makes this car different to the first two is not just the marque of distinction and the size of the car but its Hybrid engine which changes the fuel efficiency and consumption technology. The hybrid has its wearing in and testing time over the past few years and we believe it’s a good time to invest and trust.

At 94g/km of CO2 emission, with an eye popping 78 mpg fuel economy pushing out a whopping 231 BHP give you something to smile about.

As you would expect this luxury saloon comes slightly dearer but justifies the price as it has a great deal more to offer. Pick a hybrid in this model from as little as £350 p/m and you’re getting a pretty good deal.

Ford Mondeo Saloon Hybrid 2.0 Auto

If a hybrid saloon is what you need but nothing too flashy as a Merc but good value for money than you have the Ford Mondeo which starts at around £250 p/m on personal contract hire.

It gives you a decent amount of power at 187 BHP with justified fuel economy of 68 mpg and still makes it under the 100g/km CO2 threshold.

Mitsubishi Outlander 4x4 Estate 2.0 PHEV GX3h 5dr Auto

Not quite a Volvo but not too far off either. The Mitsubishi Outlander is a very good 4x4 from the Japanese manufacturer that gives you something to compare.

For the size of the car it beats the above list by miles on the CO2 emissions outputting only 42g/km which is a sole soothing contribution to saving the harmful gases in the environment.

This hybrid engine can’t be compared to the saloons above as it offers you a shocking 152 mpg and up to 200 BHP making this car something to think about.

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Posted on 28th July 2016 at 1:35 PM

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