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Personal and Business Leasing Options

Planning to lease your next vehicle but unsure about your personal or business leasing options? Have a look below and choose the best option for you or feel free to contact us for more information.  This page will explain personal car leasing, personal contract purchase, lease purchase, business car leasing, business contract purchase and finance lease.

Personal Leasing

With personal car leasing, customers pay an agreed monthly amount over the course of a fixed term contract in exchange for the use of a vehicle. Personal car leasing offers many benefits.

Personal car leasing offers:

●Two, three or four years contracts
●High level of flexibility
●Agreed fixed annual mileage
●Optional added maintenance for peace of mind, covering servicing, routine maintenance, tyres, exhausts and batteries.
●Optional breakdown rescue cover and replacement vehicle cover available
●Minimal initial investment
●Accurate monthly budgeting
●Fixed interest rates
●Advice and support throughout the lease
●Road tax

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Personal Contract Purchase

The personal contract purchase option is great for people who would like the opportunity to own the vehicle at the end of their leasing contract. If the trade in value is greater than the optional final payment the personal contract purchase customer is able to use the difference as a deposit for their new chosen vehicle.

Personal Contract Purchase offers:

●Low initial payment
●Agreed monthly payments
●Optional Final Payment or Guaranteed Future Value at the end of the contract
●Opportunity to trade in the vehicle or sell it at a dealership
●Guaranteed future value

Lease Purchase

If you are not VAT registered and you are looking to eventually take ownership of your vehicle at the end of your contract, lease purchase might be the best leasing option for you, it offers:

●Adjustable initial payment, which could reduce the monthly payments
●Two to four years contracts
●Non-VAT subjected monthly payments
●Fixed mileage
●Effective budgeting

Business Leasing

Business car leasing contracts range from one to five years and are tailored around your business’ specific requirements. The leasing company you choose will reclaim the VAT on the original purchase, thus reducing your monthly costs. It is a very popular leasing option for VAT registered businesses as they can claim 100% of the VAT if the vehicle is used solely for commercial use and 50% if the leased car is used for private and commercial purposes.

The benefits of business car leasing include:

●No high initial investment costs
●No depreciation concerns or disposal costs
●Better cash flow management
●Low initial costs
●Accurate monthly budgeting with fixed interest rates
●Ongoing support and guidance
●Reduced administration costs
●Rentals can be offset against the business’ profits: if the company car emits more than 130 g/km it will be subject to a 15% disallowance, if it emits less there will be no disallowance

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Business Contract Purchase

Contract purchase is ideal for businesses who would like the option to buy the vehicle at the end of their leasing contract. Business contract purchase customers can decide how big their initial payments are, influencing their monthly rental costs as a result. Following the end of the contract the business will have an Optional Final Payment (OFP) or GFV (Guaranteed Future Value).

At the end of your contract your company has three different options:

●The company car can be traded in and replaced with another vehicle. If the trade-in value is greater than the Optional Final Payment the difference will be used towards the deposit for your new company car.
●The company car can be returned to the funder at no extra cost as long as you have not exceeded the agreed mileage and the vehicle is in good condition.
●The vehicle can be owned by paying the full OFP

This option is great for companies that are undecided about leasing or buying and want to improve cash flow management, as well as low initial and monthly costs for a determined number of months.

Finance Lease
If you are planning to choose a finance lease option for your business, after the end of your contract and the sale of the vehicle a proportion of the proceeds will be paid back to you. In order to suit your business’ cash flow management and your business’ needs, there are many payment options available to your company:

●Lower your monthly costs with a final balloon payment
●Opt for a fully amortised financed lease

The key benefits of this leasing option include:

●Minimum initial capital expenditure
●Accurate monthly budgeting
●No damage recharge
●Reduced administration costs
●If the vehicle is used for solely business purposes, 100% of the VAT can be claimed back, while if the car is used for private and business purposes 50% of it can be reclaimed
●Rental costs can be offset against the business profits: whilst there is no disallowance for vehicles which emit less than 130 g/km, if the CO2 emissions are above 130 g/km, the car is subject to a 15% disallowance.

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