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24th Sep 2018 - Leasing Order Process - 1: Choose a Cheap Car Leasing Deal 2: Apply for Finance 3: Place an Order 4: Take Delivery
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When does car leasing make sense?

The world of vehicle leasing is often filled with confusion and misinformation. Many people, when considering whether to buy or lease a vehicle are confused about which option is the best for them and their needs. Have a look at our options below to find out whether car leasing might be the best option for you. Car leasing makes sense:

●When you are leasing a vehicle for your business

Car leasing is can be the best option for many businesses. It has many advantages including low initial investment.
Buying a depreciating asset outright, such as a car, could be the wrong decision for your business. Leasing a vehicle, on the other hand, spreads the cost and depreciation. Additionally you won’t have to worry about mileage, as car lease deals can be arranged for a variety of periods and mileages. Whether your business uses the company car for sporadic meetings or regular long journeys you’ll be able to choose the best option for your needs.

●When looking at luxury, high end brands

Many low depreciating luxury brands can be surprisingly economical to lease as the car retains a high percentage of its value at the end of the lease contract. A major factor in determining the monthly cost is the value of the car at the end of the agreement, so high end vehicles which retain their value well are good options for leasing.

●When the need for a car is temporary

If you have a requirement for a vehicle for a limited period, a short term leasing agreement could be the answer; since it does not involve the inconvenience (and costs) of buying and selling in a narrow time frame.

●When you change cars frequently

Similarly, if you like to follow the latest cars trends and change your vehicle often, you could find leasing to be your best option, both in terms of finance and time efficiency. Buying and selling your car frequently may come with high losses due to depreciation costs.
In terms of time efficiency, changing a vehicle by switching from one lease to another is much simpler and quicker than going through the process of selling your existing vehicle and buying a new one.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to lease or buy a vehicle will depend on your own personal or business situation. We can look at all the relevant factors and advise you on the best solution for your own individual requirements.
Contact us for more information about any of our cheap car leasing deals. We’ll be happy to help.

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Posted on 7th September 2017 at 9:24 AM

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