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Take your personal lease car on holiday

Driving your car abroad is a growing trend and many of us are thinking of taking our loved ones, family or friends for a long drive outside of UK during the months of spring/summer. But if you don’t own your personal vehicle out right (under the terms of leasing and contract hire)  you will need to follow the contrary rules and regulations. It all depends on the finance agreement you are in contract with and the insurance policy you have taken out.

It’s nothing complicated you can lease a car for personal and leisure use and take it abroad on holiday. If you are looking for personal lease car deals with the option of taking the vehicle abroad on holiday then make sure you mention this on your application and a leasing specialist will help to find a package to include this exception. Alternatively, if you are already in a contract agreement and not sure then contact the finance company and ask for any restrictions or be sure to tell your broker your plans before signing up to a finance agreement.

Secondly and also a very important factor is being insured in the country you wish to take the leased vehicle. As a personal lease driver this is something that most probably will need to be added to your policy so don’t forget to contact your vehicle insurer.

Now here’s a good thing. The advantage you have with UK being an island is that your lease car will be stationary on the Euro Tunnel or Ferry before you arrive at your first destination so you don’t have to worry about the initial mileage but make sure you do some forward planning before venturing out too far!

Important key facts: You can take a car abroad as long as you, firstly inform and receive authorisation from your vehicle insurer and secondly the finance company who own the vehicle in principle.

Useful TIP: Don’t forget your agreed annual mileage allowance. If your holiday travel exceeds your allowance be aware of the additional charges that may apply. Always ask your broker or finance company the terms before taking your vehicle out of the country. Now for the exciting bit. Let’s have a look at which cars a lot of you have been leasing with the intention of driving abroad on holiday.

Popular choices on personal car lease

For Couples:

View the deals available on Mercedes SLK Cabriolet - A convertible to enjoy better weather

View the deals available on Citroen C1 – a fun and easy to drive car

For Family:

View the deals available on Renault Captur – a spacious hatchback for dynamic families

View the deals available on Mercedes C Class – A comfortable saloon for luxury travel

View the deals available on Volvo XC60 – A Powerful 4x4 for Highlands and off road driving

To speak to someone about taking your personal lease car abroad on holiday please contact TFS on:
0800 910 1111 or email on

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Posted on 6th August 2015 at 3:27 PM

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