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23rd Jul 2017 - Order Process - 1: Choose Vehicle 2: Apply for Finance 3: Place an Order 4: Take Delivery
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How to order your lease car

1.  Decide what you need

There are now more types of cars then there have ever been available for leasing. Big executive saloons, crossovers and SUV's to city cars and hatchbacks are just some of the new additions to the category of cars available that you probably didn’t know.

The choice is mesmerizing, and we can't really suggest what you need, so you need to take some time out and start comparing lease cars that are suitable to your requirements.

2.  Budgeting

Take a page from big businesses and fleets by working out the cost of a car based on its whole life costs. Work out what you can afford and speak to our advisors on 0121 766 0485 to find out your options.

Take the following into account:

Fuel Economy
All our website deals list MPG. Compare until you are satisfied.

Servicing, Maintenance and Repair
All our cars come with full standard manufacturer warranty. Speak to our advisors who will tell you the service intervals and approximate service costs.

Road Tax
All our deals include road tax (VED/RFL) for the entire contract term.

Depreciation costs are one of the main factors in setting our leasing rates. Choose a car that holds its value well and you will often find cheaper lease rates.

All our cars have their insurance groups listed on our website. New cars are often much cheaper to insure but bear in mind the little known factors that can affect premiums. Insuring vehicles is often extremely expensive for younger drivers (our team knows this, very well) but there are tips, tricks and advise we can give.

3.  Check for Special Deals

Once you have decided upon the type of vehicle you want, and your approximate budget: Speak to us. You never know what more you can get for your budget or save if you get the timing right.

4.  Apply for Finance

Once you’re happy with the vehicle that suits you all you have to do is fill out your initial details online and submit it so our leasing specialists can review your application and call you back to initiate the finance process.

5.  Order

When your finance is approved we will give you an indication of deliver dates and go through any extra options you may be of interest to you including  maintenance and servicing, wheel protection covers and GAP insurance so you can be assured you're fully covered and ready for your brand new vehicle.

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Posted on 11th October 2016 at 4:58 PM

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