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Different types of car lease

There are different types of car lease deals according to your specific needs. Today’s world of car leasing ensures you can have freedom from buying almost any vehicle outright. From different vehicle models to different deals we have everything to satisfy your specific needs and interests so have a look below to find out more about TFS Vehicle Leasing.

Personal Car Leasing

Leasing a car enables you to drive a car you love for an agreed amount of time at a relatively low cost per month without worrying about the depreciated resale value of your vehicle. It is essentially a form of long term renting and gives you the freedom to enjoy your passion for cars without limiting yourself to buying one. There are two options to consider when leasing a car: personal contract hire or personal contract purchase.

The main difference between personal contract hire and personal contract purchase is that PCP gives you the opportunity to become the legal owner of the car at the end of a predetermined monthly payment period, while with PCH at the end of your lease you will have to start a new lease or buy a new car. The decision between the two depends on your specific needs and lifestyle. Personal contract hire is the best option for somebody who loves to change vehicles and doesn’t want to worry about depreciation. It is also an excellent choice for someone who moves often for work and would have to otherwise sell their vehicle multiple times a year.

Corporate hire

Car leasing is an excellent choice for corporate vehicles. Corporate cars are not often used on a daily basis, meaning they are not likely to exceed the agreed annual mileage limit. They also ensure the business does not suffer from a big initial investment on a car that is likely to lose its value in the following years.

At TFSVL we have a wide variety of automobile and van leasing options that will satisfy your specific needs. Discover our models of city cars, hatchback, coupe, cabriolet, saloon, estate, MPV, 4x4, pickups and vans and find your favourite! Search our site for vehicle leasing deals in and out of Birmingham and don’t forget to check out our vehicle protection packages.

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Posted on 24th July 2017 at 6:23 PM

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