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20th Jan 2018 - Leasing Order Process - 1: Choose a Cheap Car Leasing Deal 2: Apply for Finance 3: Place an Order 4: Take Delivery
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Car Leasing ethics from TFS

A lot of Brokers often give the hard sales talk and continue to hassle you until you give in but TFS have a different approach altogether. Our key to success is to offer the best ethical service for our customers, give you time to think and give a chance for better potential deals to come through before you decide. TFS does the hard searching and number crunching for you.

Whether it's a fleet of cars for a growing business or personal car leasing for domestic and pleasure, TFS always endeavor to make your experience easier through a team of friendly and down to earth professionals that endeavour to help you rather than giving you a sales pitch and pushing you on to something that you may later regret.

Helping you choose a suitable car

"Not for the sake of closing a deal"

Not everyone has the technical know how about cars and we don't tend to over-elaborate on performance figures if it doesn't bother you so we talk the language you understand and what you want to know.

If you are not sure what you want we will learn about your requirements by asking relevant questions and suggest cars that not only fit your budget but a relevant choice according to your lifestyle and specific needs.

The devil in the detail

"No hidden surprises"

There is a lot of confusion and hidden small prints with car leasing and TFS like to take their time with every individual and explain the in's and out which makes the people more confident in their decision whatever it may be.

For instance depending on the finance deal going over your mileage may incur extra penalties and we would try to find and bring this out to the open for you

Follow-up calls

"We won't call you back unless it's worth it"

Most car leasers are working class people and they are either busy during working hours or need their space after work. It’s nothing worse than taking a call that looks important in the middle of a meeting or when you’re enjoying your lunch break and it’s someone trying to offer you a car spec which never had interested you!

Win-win situation

"If we win the people, the business wins itself"

Financing a car could get you in further debt so we try to learn more about the individual needs of a person or business, pre-assess their criteria and offer them the best deals we can get our hands on.

TFS strive to make people happy and providing a brand new affordable car of their choice creates big smiles! So getting this right makes all the difference and we believe it brings repeat business and recommendations which is a win-win situation.

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Posted on 18th March 2016 at 12:55 PM

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