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25th Nov 2017 - Order Process - 1: Choose Vehicle 2: Apply for Finance 3: Place an Order 4: Take Delivery
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Free Full Fleet Review

We provide (free) one of the fleet industries most in depth whole life cost reports, using an in depth report we have been refining for over 10 years.

Are whole life costs important? You need to be fully aware of the total cost of running a vehicle. Most of our customers were unaware of the true cost of operating their vehicles before they came to TFS Vehicle Leasing. After analysing our review and reports about whole life costs, clients were able to fully understand the overall running cost of any vehicle.

We build a very accurate report based on information you provide, and using sources such as:
CAP Database
Department of Transport
TFS Vehicle Leasing database
Fuel and fuel card suppliers

Our calculation system accounts for:
Acquisition Type
Finance Costs
Tax (including corporation tax, capital allowances, VAT, NI, etc.)
Maintenance and Repair Costs (SMR)
Non-scheduled Repair Spend (tyre puncture, glass, etc.)
Admin Costs
Average Accident Costs
Vehicle Usage

You can have the world’s most comprehensive report, but it's pointless if it is not understood, or doesn't contain actionable information. We paint a clear picture, laying all costs bare and providing advice about how to reduce your bills. This helps you make the best decisions about which vehicles are right for your company, moving away from looking at vehicle costs as a two dimensional expense and allowing you to account for whole life costs.

Benefits of having this information include:
Ability to budget more accurately
Simplify purchasing decisions
Potentially make vehicles that initially appear more expensive a viable option
Provide drivers with better, more appropriate vehicles to lease, improving efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Contact us for more information.

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